Poems form Joseph Cacciotti



Have you ever driven down a road?

Just to drive with no destination in mind.

The road seems to go on and on

With no stopping point

Life is like that long road going on and on

Not knowing when it’s going to end.


But still you strive for another tomorrow

Hoping that in the long run

Everything will turn out alright

Just like the road though

It must come to an end.



Poems from Joseph Cacciotti



When we danced

I noticed how your hair sparkled

And how your eyes

Were more beautiful than the stars above

I noticed how you moved

So gracefully to the music

I noticed your smile

So wide and bright

It reminded me

Of a cool summer sunset

Glistening off the face of the water


To just come out

And say you are beautiful

Would be an insult to you

Cause just to say

You are beautiful

Is not enough to say

How lovely

You really are.

Poems from Joseph Cacciotti



As you lit the candle on the table

I watched the glowing light

Bounce off your face

It was the loveliest sight

I’ve seen in such a long time.


Your brown eyes were glowing

Like the stars in the sky

Your hair so beautiful and curly sparkled

And when you smiled

It hit me in such a strange way.


A way in which it felt like

Butterflies were fluttering inside my stomach

For some reason my heart

Felt like a magnet

And your smile was drawing me to you


I realized how very lucky I was

To have you by my side

Today I can’t stop thinking about you

Because the angel I took out last night

Is now the angel in my heart tonight?



Pomes form Joseph Cacciotti



I close my eyes

And listen to the music

That once was ours.

My heart grows warm inside

And I realize you’re still here with me.


I still feel your soft touch

When you take my hand in yours

As we slowly walk

Out to dance in the living room.


Some experts say that time heals all wounds

But my heart seems to grow stronger for you

With every passing year

I just can’t let you go.


It took me a long time

To find a woman like you

You were so alive and energetic

Always on the go.


We had so much fun

In the ten short years we were together.

Before we found out you were sick

My love for you grew stronger


It hurt me that I couldn’t help

I just watched you wither away

Right down to your bones

Cancer took you away from me


But tonight I can feel you

In my arms dancing with me once again

I know you’re still here

I can feel you in my heart.